Affordable Care Act and America

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings some very good ideas to insurance. No pre-existing conditions, eliminating the gender eliminating the surcharge for gender, and others. Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) females pay more than men until they reach 50 or so and then men start to cost more.

Now, let’s look at some of the very bad things about the ACA and the real cost to America.

The ACA has forced many states to expand Medicaid. That allows many to apply for and receive Medicaid instead of paying for their own insurance. One could argue that helping people in need is a good thing. I don’t disagree but I do because the amount of fraud being perpetrated by Americans is appalling and of great concern to those who believe in fiscal responsibility. People are adjusting their income to get the highest subsidy they can and many lie simply go on Medicaid. None realize the implications or the penalty for the abuse.

In Oregon, most of the new enrollees are going on Medicaid. In Nevada, the number of new Medicaid recipients has exceeded 80,000. Compare that to the actual number of new enrollees and you can quickly see the cost spiraling out of control. Right now the federal government is paying for Medicaid. Eventually the burden falls to the respective states. (Within 3 years) How will states pay for the increased number of people on Medicaid?

When that happens, state income tax goes up and continues to climb as costs for insurance climbs. That the real weakness of the Affordable Care Act. When states are forced to raise the state income tax or in state where there is no tax to implement one, that’s when the true cost of the Affordable Care Act comes out in the open.

The news media has being misrepresenting the truth to Americans since the current President took office so this is just another lie to hide from Americans. There will come a time when this cannot be swept under the rug and when the true cost of the Affordable Care Act becomes known to everyone. Americans will not be happy. This is a snowball coming down the mountain and growing on each turn.

Add to this misrepresentation of cost, the rationing of health services to the elderly and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Congress and the President know this is coming and can only hope it happens after they leave office. It’s time to recognize the truth about the Affordable Care Act and fix it so none of what I’ve just discussed will happen.

Len Barend

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