Affordable Care Act-After Open Enrollment

  1. Several months ago another open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act has closed. That means anyone needing coverage now has to have a qualifying event. Qualifying events are essentially, marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death or loss of employment or COBRA ending.
    Nevada is the only state that allows you to buy insurance without a qualifying event but with a 90 day waiting period. Assume you didn’t buy during the open enrollment period and you now want coverage. It’s sometime in May (before May 15th) and you buy an insurance policy. Your effective date is September 1, 2016.
    Buying insurance anytime with a 90 day waiting period is needed all across America. This would allow those that could not or did not to enroll. Yes, those late comers should pay a penalty but to deny them insurance until next open enrollment is the government excising control over our lives. I personally don’t like or appreciate it. The logic of having everyone have insurance yet deny them coverage until next year. What sense does that make?
    What will the government do next to control our freedoms? The affordable care act was never about insurance it was about controlling 16% of our economy. That makes the federal government indispensable to the populace when the reverse should be true. Citizens are indispensable to a successful government. Besides, when has the federal government done anything effectively and efficiently? One only has to look at the post office, social security, Medicare and the Department of Education. None are functioning efficiently or effectively yet we the people continue to allow these situations to continue. The first three are in serious debt with no end in sight. Enough said, the government should not be running health care.
    Continuing on that theme, CMS is in charge of the affordable care act. CMS cannot run Medicare without incurring over $60 billion a year in fraud. That fraud is the tip of the iceberg.
    What makes anyone think they can run the affordable care act?

Len Barend

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