An ACA Update

Latest Update about the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare has decided to not penalize Medicare recipients who remain off the Affordable Care Act. In order to avoid the penalty, the recipient has to submit a waiver prior to September 30, 2017. Not sure how to file the waiver, or even where to get the waiver? More to come as things progress. Be advised that there is typically a penalty for those that delay Medicare and the penalty is for Medicare Part B and is a lifetime penalty. It is 10% per year for every year you do not go on Medicare Part B. Doesn’t sound like a lot of money but as Part B premiums increase, so does the fine.


These ACA plans have a specific rule governing Medicare. In Nevada, all plans ask if you are eligible for Medicare and if you are you cannot buy an ACA plan or remain on it. This new regulation is great but without further information on how to avoid (at least in Nevada) that stipulation makes this new rule unusable.


Seems to me that all that had to be done was stipulate that if you wanted to remain on the ACA plan and defer Medicare to a later date you could. Have the waiver from social security since they govern signing up for Medicare and the problem is solved. Apparently, the adage that I’m from the government and here to help is not being used. Why does everything the government touch become so difficult to use?


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