Executive Order for Medicare for 2020 and Beyond

Yesterday, October 3, 2019, the President of the United States issued an executive order that directly affects Medicare. The executive order directs federal agencies to enhance the current Medicare Advantage Plans by offering telemedicine solutions along with increased supplemental benefits. This is a win for seniors while offering more feature-rich plans that will benefit all seniors. The executive order also addresses network adequacy requirements. It requires HHS to begin the process of enhancing the current benefits which will help all seniors on these plans.

It also addresses the fee for service issues meaning Physicians and Hospitals get paid by the volume of patients they see. HHS wants to move away from that type of billing procedures and move towards higher pay for better results. That means the Doctors and Hospitals who spend more time with their patients and have better outcomes will make more than those who simply work on volume without regard for results.

The executive order also includes proposing a regulation to provide seniors with better quality care and cost data, improving their ability to make decisions about their healthcare that work best for them and to hold providers and plans accountable

All I can add, it’s about time. This is great news for everyone concerned because Physicians and Hospitals will be paid better if their results are better. Fewer visits because you are healthier rather than come back every three months so I can evaluate your condition. This is just a quick overview of the executive order and we’ll have to wait to see the overall effect on our healthcare system.

It also addresses Medicare for All stating it will upend the system rather than enhancing it. Medicare for All will end the current employer health benefits; the senior market; individual coverage of any other type of health insurance coverage. This is a step in the right direction and I’m not talking about the political aspects just the negative impact Medicare for All will have on America. See my other blogs for more information about Medicare for All on my website.


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