Medicare, A Supplement and International Travel

Medicare covers almost all your medical needs except for international travel. I’ve had several clients travel internationally and are concerned because Medicare and a supplement only covers up to $50,000 with you paying 20% or $10,000.

Consider for a moment that if you are on a cruise ship and have a serious medical issue you will first need to be airlifted off the ship and to a hospital. The cost for that airlift if over $25,000. Then there is the hospital expenses and a ruined trip. The real issue is the cost of these services.

Consider for a moment that you would have to pay these bills in the currency of the country you are in. That means, currency conversions and that is expensive. It also means you must get it re-converted when you return home to get reimbursed from the supplemental carrier.

All of this can be avoided by using travel insurance. A couple in their late 60’s or even early 70’s can buy these policies and get up to $1,000,000 in coverage for a couple of hundred dollars. That inexpensive compared to the alternative described above.

Now, for my shameless plug you can go to my website, then click on the health insurance info button and a dropdown menu appears and scroll down to travel insurance. Click on that button and in 5 minutes you are covered for your trip. It’s really worth the money to protect your retirement money.

If you have a MAPD plan, you get worldwide emergency coverage for about $120 but additional charges and the currency conversion still exists. Suffice it to say to stay safe when traveling abroad, get travel insurance.



The Barend Agency Inc.

Len Barend, broker


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