Medicare Advantage as the Base of Universal Health Insurance

Have recently read several articles suggesting that the Medicare Advantage plans could become the basis of providing universal health insurance under the guise of a small 20% increase in taxes which would be paid equally by your employer and you. Seems simple enough of a concept until you look under the covers. When anyone does that here is what they find.

  1. Medicare for All under a different name
  2. Medicare Advantage is being used because it a popular way for Americans to get Medicare coverage at a lower cost than Original Medicare.
  3. Two prominent healthcare executives are promoting this as a method of getting Medicare for All and they have not thought it out especially when figuring the overall cost of these programs.
  4. Suggesting a 20% increase in taxes when it would really be more than 50% or greater. When has the government ever evaluated the costs accurately? Never, in my humble opinion.
  5. Implying the employers would pay ½ and the employees would pay the other ½
  6. What about the self-employed? We would have to pay the entire 20%.
  7. No more private insurance companies so those using a Medicare Supplement would no longer have coverage. But wait; under the Medicare Supplement contract, the only way to disenroll is to not pay your premium. The federal government guaranteed auto-renewal if you paid the premium. When the government closes a supplement plan as they did with plans J & now F, those that had them could keep them if the premiums were paid on time. What happens to those with Medicare Supplements? Since there would be no more insurance companies so those plans would go away, or would they have to remain in business until the last client died?
  8. Lots of questions with no accurate or concise answers.
  9. Socialized medicine has not worked well in any country in the world except when medical services are curtailed to save money and taxes have increased to pay for free services.

I believe most Americans want the freedom of choice, not socialized medicine.

None of these options are good for America just like Senator Sanders’s original concept of Medicare for All. The cost if undervalued and no one really knows how expensive it will be until it is implemented. So, tell us that a 20% tax increase would cover it is nothing but a bald-faced lie to convince everyone that this would work. What they are not telling you is that this is nothing more than another way to sell you on Medicare for All. Some politicians think this is a way to control 17% of the economy and control Americans’ lives by allowing or disallowing certain medical procedures based on age. This is nothing new as it is done in every country that has socialized medicine. That is why most Americans don’t want Medicare for All or whatever they are calling it now.

In other blogs, I have discussed in detail the flaws in the Medicare for All concept so not going to rehash it now.

It is time to fix the ACA, so it works for all Americans. Fixing it must be a bi-partisan effort or it will not work. I am for an open, honest discussion about the flaws in the ACA and coming up with creative ways to fix it. We could start over but that would be too much work and would be a waste of time. The open discussion should be with Doctors, Hospitals, insurance brokers, Congress, and anyone else with a stake in the plan that should be included. That is the only way to fix the ACA. If that is not done and only Congress gets to decide the plan, then it will not work as the ACA still isn’t working the way it was envisioned. In any plan that is chosen, Congress must be on the same plan or it is a waste of time.

Len Barend – Broker

The Barend Agency Inc.


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