Medicare Annual Election Period: October 15th

The Medicare Annual Election Period is fast approaching and I wanted to give my readers an update on the Nevada marketplace.

As many of you already know the annual election period is for those seniors on Medicare Advantage plans whether they are MAPD plans or strictly prescription drug plans.

The Nevada market is fortunate to have many different MAPD plans and 24 drug plans.

In 2018 we had AARP Medicare Complete, Aetna, Caremore (An Anthem Company) Humana, and Senior Dimensions HMO plans. We also had Aetna and Humana PPO plans.

For 2019, Senior Dimensions is now AARP Medicare Focus and we have 2 new plans; one from Hometown Health and the other Select Health. Both are HMO’s. More on AARP Medicare Focus as they are the same except their name. Everything else remains the same.

Hometown Health is a Northern Nevada company that has been in business for over 30 years. They had a MAPD-HMO plan in Northern Nevada and are simply bringing it to Clark County. Their Doctor network is P3. (More on P3 later)

The other entry is Select Health; a Utah based company which is about 9 years old. They also use the P3 Doctor network.

P3 is a relatively new network of Doctors and affiliates who started their new network several years ago. The founders of P3 were founders of Healthcare Partners. Some of the Doctors are employees of P3 while others are affiliates who are independent physicians who choose to offer their services under the P3 banner.

This is very exciting for Nevadan’s as we have never had that many choices. Many of the plans have changed some of their benefits but until the annual election period, it is inappropriate to discuss in detail. (It’s good news)

We look forward to a very exciting annual election period.

Also, we now have the Open Enrollment Period from January 1st to March 31st. That was removed when the Affordable Care Act was enacted and now is restored thanks to some local brokers and the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) working with Congress to make that change. As a member of NAHU, I am very happy for this additional time where a senior can make changes to their plans. That gives seniors 143 days during the year where they can change their MAPD plans. There is a separate Special Election Period (SEP) where seniors with a specific situation like moving into or away from their home county can also make changes to their MAPD plans.

This broker is available to seniors for a no cost or obligation consultation on their specific needs and the current plan they have or may want to change. I am reachable at 702-250-2200 or you can email me at


The Barend Agency Inc.

Len Barend, broker

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