Medicare still has pre-existing conditions, why?

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires no pre-existing conditions, Medicare still does.

When a senior applies for a Medicare Supplement after they have been on Medicare Parts A & B for at least 6 months, they have to prove they are insurable or they could be declined.

For sake of discussion, I have been on Medicare for several years and decide I want to apply for a supplemental policy. I have to answer medical questions and could be declined depending upon my health. The same declination applies to Medicare Advantage only if you have End Stage Renal Disease or Lou Gehrig’s decease. Since the ACA has no such requirement, why should Medicare?

Seniors are more apt to have medical issues based on their age yet our government seems to ignore that fact and requires proof you are insurable in order to qualify for coverage. It appears to this blogger that Medicare is being taken advantage of for the sake of the ACA. This needs to stop.

Len Barend

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