I wrote a blog about the upcoming changes to and I was not exactly pleased because it required a personal login and other information including my Medicare ID number. I was used to going to the site, using the basic search by adding the client’s zip code and nothing else and was able to input their medications and figure out which of the 26 plans available in Clark County would meet their needs.

As of October 15, 2019, that simple process goes away and is replaced by having to set up an account using your Medicare ID #, a username, and password and answering many personal questions to make sure you are the correct person. Had previously tried to sign up and was told my email was incorrect, this time I tried to follow the prompts and using the email I thought, was able to get a new password and try to sign in. Tried 3 times and was unable to access my account. I closed the site up and reopened it. Tried again and was able to get onto the site. To my pleasant surprise, I found all the medications I had taken since on Medicare and replaced, updated or removed the ones I no longer took. Was able to see the choices for 2019. 2020 isn’t available yet until 10/1/2019 so must wait to see the new plans in Clark County. You still can’t enroll until 10/15/19.

When I first heard about these changes, as a broker I realized the setup time for each of my clients will take more time but once setup; the new site is better and easier to use. The 2020 AEP is going to be very tough for all Medicare recipients and brokers, but it just might be better in the long run. There is not enough time to service all the clients and that makes me sad and disappointed that CMS didn’t wait until after the AEP to make the changes.

What is still puzzling is how those seniors with no email address will be able to find the best plans for them. While I had some initial difficulty getting onto the site, someone with less PC experience will have some issues and not sure how that will work?

I just called Medicare to ask them how we were supposed to help clients that don’t have an email address and was told they had to call Medicare for assistance. Not the answer I was hoping to receive.

The Barend Agency Inc.

Len Bared, Broker



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