Medicare’s Annual Election Period is over. Now what?

The 2018 Medicare annual election period is over and you made your chose of plans for 2019. Something happened and the Doctor you chose left the plan or you realize you made a mistake for any reason. What do you do?

2019 sees the return of the OEP (Open Enrollment Period). This is a period in which a Medicare recipient can change their Medicare Advantage Plan (either an HMO or PPO) to another plan; one more time between January 1st and March 31st. You cannot change your drug plan.

Suppose in Nevada, you choose one of the 18 plans available but realized you made a mistake.

Well, the OEP is now available again to correct your mistake and allows you to make one additional change. Then you are locked in for the remainder of 2019.

Choosing the right plan is difficult. You receive tons of mail, TV ads, phone calls or friends telling you their plan is the best and you should change. That is a lot of pressure for any senior, or anyone else for that matter.

Between the AEP and OEP, seniors now have 142 days annually to make decisions about their insurance plans under Medicare. Choose carefully and you will be happy. If you made a wrong choice you now have 142 days annually to correct your mistake.

Len Barend, broker.

The Barend Agency Inc. l


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