More About Medicare For All

It appears that most Americans are confused about Medicare for All according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Almost 7 in 10 Americans believe they will still be paying deductibles and copays. 54% believe that employers and individuals would continue to pay premiums.

Let’s set the record straight. Under the Medicare for All plan, no one will pay premiums or deductibles and copays. Everything will be free and cost you nothing.

However, your taxes will go up significantly. The plan’s proponents state around 20% increase in taxes, and according to the designer of the plan, Americans will be happy to pay those increases. The facts are much different.

By all estimations, the tax increase needed to pay for all this free healthcare would raise taxes by at least 30-40%, if not more? Consider what you pay in taxes now and add 30-40% to that number. Can you afford it and do you want it?

No more employer-paid health plans mean employees will now pay 100% of the cost through taxes. No more Medicare or Medicare Advantage or supplement plans. Seniors will be paying a higher percentage of the cost through taxes because their incomes are less due to retirement. Those seniors that are just getting by through social security will be hit the hardest. They cannot sustain the tax increases on social security income alone. That’s a huge problem that needs to be solved before Medicare for All kicks in.

Another issue that no one is talking about is the rationing of healthcare. Every socialist country in the world that has universal or single payer healthcare systems uses rationing care as a method of controlling cost. As a senior myself I don’t want some government bureaucrat making my healthcare decisions for me. I want to make those decisions with my family.

Another concern is what will happen to the available pool of Doctors? (Healthcare will be rationed; will Doctor’s income also be curtailed?)  I would assume so as it is elsewhere in the world.  Will they remain in Medicine? Or will they retire, go into research and development or seek out other types of businesses? All real questions aside from the original premise of Medicare for All that need answers before moving ahead.

These are real concerns about Medicare for All; the cost in higher taxes; the loss of current and future Doctors and the rationing of healthcare. There are other concerns but this is enough to get Americans thinking about the problems associated with a single payer system with no costs other than much higher taxes.


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