Still More about Medicare for All

There is still more to talk about with Medicare for All.

Did anyone consider what will happen to those seniors who are poor and are living on just their social security or perhaps a little bit more? I can only guess that no one has considered their plight.

Assume for the moment that you are living on a fixed social security income of around $8-900 per month. You are probably having a tough time making ends meet. The rent for your apartment takes up a good part of your social security. You also have food, medications and normal living expenses. You are, of course, eligible for Medicaid because your income is at or below $900 (single senior living alone). So, if you are over 65 you can have both Medicare & Medicaid. Will Medicaid still be around when Medicare for All becomes effective?

What happens if your social security is above the Medicaid level and you have no other income? That’s the real problem with Medicare for All because you aren’t eligible for Medicaid but now must pay an increase in taxes of anywhere from 25-40% so you can have Medicare for All. While the concept of Medicare for All appears to be appealing when you undercover the truth, it is not appealing and very cost prohibitive.

Those seniors with little or no other income who rely on social security are really living day to day. A serious health issue would wipe out any if not all your savings. That’s why the MAPD plans have no monthly premium and the costs for services are very low. Some plans have don’t charge for Doctor Visits, Hospitalization, and many other services. There are 18 such plans in Southern Nevada and more coming for 2020.

These plans are very popular with seniors and that would be lost under the Medicare for All mantra. There would be no insurance companies and these companies provide the MAPD plans to seniors with help from the government. When Medicare for All was designed it meant all insurance recipients would lose their current coverage and be forced to accept Medicare for All and pay higher taxes so everyone in the country could have free health care. Since this is not a political article but a factual one we are not going to discuss the illegals getting free healthcare as well as citizens.

When you consider what’s at stake for Americans everyone should be very concerned that their healthcare costs will be increased very significantly under the Medicare for all mantra.

What also at stake is the ability to be healthcare when you need it. Every country that has free healthcare also has rationing of care. That means depending upon your age and medical condition, the government can decide to withhold healthcare services because you are either too old or too sick to get coverage. That means you have no choice in the matter and must await your impending demise.  These bureaucrats who are not elected can make life or death decisions without your input. I don’t think that’s fair to anyone.

This is not what America is all about and should not be considered without thinking about the consequences of such a move.

Please, everyone, think hard and long before agreeing to support Medicare for All with all the intended consequences of that decision.

Len Barend, Broker.

The Barend Agency Inc.



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