The ACA 2017 Nevada Version-Individual Market

The Affordable Care Act, 2017 Nevada version is almost upon us and there are significant changes.
The most notable changes are with the insurance carriers. Prior to the ACA there were many carriers offering coverage in Nevada. Anthem Blue Cross had both an HMO and PPO; Sierra had an HMO (HPN) and a PPO (Sierra); Aetna had an HPO and PPO; Coventry had an HMO and PPO; Assurant had a PPO only; Golden Rule and Humana had a PPO only as well and St. Mary’s only offered group coverage in Southern Nevada.
Fast forward to 2017, Assurant has closed their doors; Aetna will not be offering coverage in Nevada for 2017; Anthem Blue Cross will not be offering a PPO; HPN and Sierra will continue to offer coverage but Sierra has eliminated their nationwide coverage; Coventry merged with Aetna a couple of years ago so they are not in the Nevada marketplace either. Humana and Golden Rule are not offering individual coverage in Nevada and St. Mary’s has become Prominence and they only offer an HMO on the exchange. They do not offer coverage off the exchange.
So that leaves Southern Nevada residents with limited choices. Anthem HMO, HPN and Sierra HMO and PPO and Prominence on the exchange only with an HMO.
The ACA was supposed to help Americans. The changes don’t appear to be helpful to this writer and am sure there will be more changes coming shortly.
Additionally, the rates have increased significantly while the choices have decreased. We also have a cookie cutter approach to healthcare; one set of benefits fits all.
While all this is taking place, nothing has been done to decrease the cost of healthcare which would reduce the cost of insurance. Drug prices are getting higher as are all services. There are no cost containment measures in place to reduce fraud, waste and abuse.
The Barend Agency Inc. Len Barend, broker


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