The Future of the ACA

I have watched the proceedings between both sides of the Congress regarding repeal or reform of the ACA. Guess what, it’s not going to happen, at least not in the near term. The partisan approach to this fiasco is appalling to me as an American and an insurance broker.
I’ve listened to both sides of the aisle lie to us about what was going on and what we needed. The Republicans can’t get it together to offer Americans something that made sense and took care of us all. The Democrats keep lying to us about how good the ACA is and that seniors and others would lose coverage if the Republicans got their way. How about the truth instead?
The truth is the ACA is unaffordable for most Americans because the premiums and deductibles and max out of pocket keep rising. The other side of this is that the government cannot keep paying premiums for Americans who can’t or won’t pay for it themselves. I’m referring to Medicaid expansion and the rise in subsidies for those who can’t or don’t want to pay for it themselves and wants the government to pay it instead.
None of these options are palatable to me. As I’ve stated in earlier blogs, the need to reduce health care costs or health insurance will keep rising. I’ve heard bits and pieces from both sides about healthcare cost reform but haven’t seen anything that approaches the problem.
I can state this without any doubt that if healthcare costs aren’t reined in the problem will only get worse and health insurance will be unaffordable for the majority of Americans. No amount of government (our money really!) will solve this unless we fix the cause of the problem. Again, see my recent blog on healthcare costs.
To me, the most important part of fixing the problem is that Congress and all government employees need to be on the same plan we are on. If that happens, Congress (self-serving as they are) will fix the problem very quickly. That also applies to Social Security and Medicare. Having said that, how do we achieve it? We need a grass roots effort by all American’s concerned with the problem to write and call their Congress person and tell them what we want.
This can be fixed but it needs everyone’s cooperation. Let’s all do our best to try and achieve that so we can all have affordable health care and insurance.
Len Barend, Broker.

The Barend Agency Inc.


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